Keratin Straightening

keratin straightening

keratin straighteningKeratin straightening is also known as Brazilian hair straightening or progressive brush. This hair-straightening treatment with keratin began to be used in Brazil several years ago and spread quickly and with great success in the United States, Latin American and Caribbean countries like Puerto Rico. Being able to apply keratin straightening treatment correctly in curly hair, avoiding any risk that may leave brittle or dull hair, you must go to a specialized hairdressing center, where the professional who does it has the experience necessary to apply the different treatments of the keratin straightening method. Its application needs time and experience.

What is keratin in the hair

The Brazilian hair straightening treatment uses keratin as the main ingredient. Keratin is a very stable protein that we can find naturally in our hair, nails, and skin. The keratin is in the outermost part of the hair, forming a protective layer called cuticle. In the hair, the keratin has two structures or forms of being there, the alpha form and the beta form. In hair, it is usually in alpha form, but applying moisture and heat is transformed into beta keratin, lengthening the hair structure, although it naturally returns to its natural state and original length. In addition, the cuticle is composed of keratin and protects the interior of the hair, bringing the shine to the hair. Maintaining a good cuticle is important so that the hair does not become dry, brittle or porous.

What is better Japanese or keratin straightening method?

The question thus formulated may not be the most appropriate, because the result of each straightening method is different and, therefore, our choice will depend on what result we seek.

It should be noted that while the Japanese straightening method makes the curls disappear completely to give way to a smooth and shiny mane, Brazilian Keratin straightening, by contrast, does eliminate curls (frizz), but allows you to keep a slightly wavy hair. Anyway, the final result will be marked by the very nature of the hair and, while certain finishes have a smoothing almost similar to the Japanese method, others will show a beautiful smooth hair but never with a finish as straight and marked as the Japanese straightening. That is, keratin type of straightening does not guarantee a completely smooth and straight hair but it can reduce the wave of the hair between 50 and 80%, depending on its original texture.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the result of Brazilian straightening or keratin does not become as permanent as Japanese straightening, as it can have a durability of approximately three to four months.

Keratin straightening in men and women

Straightening treatments, such as keratin, are not only dedicated to women, but men can also enjoy them. In fact, treatment with keratin in men is performed with increasing frequency in many hairdressing salons and beauty centers.

Men, especially those who like a long hair style, may also need or may benefit from a keratin treatment to have smoother and shiny hair. A keratin treatment no doubt can make a curly and rebellious hair greatly improve its appearance, just as it does in women. Besides a straight hair, keratin treatment gets a healthier hair and look. And although most women look at the inner beauty of a man, it is no less true that a man with a beautiful mane and cared for does not go unnoticed. From here we want to encourage you as well J

Benefits of the keratin treatment

There are many types of straightening and among them, keratin is one of the most recommended methods as it is very safe and effective. Among its benefits we can find:

  • It does not contain toxic chemicals. Keratin is a natural protein that is part of our body. In addition, the keratin treatment helps if you have a lack of keratin in your hair, you will protect your hair against external aggressions and dehydration or malnutrition. You will be repairing from the inside the hair fiber, bringing natural shine and moisture.
  • Keratin straightening effect lasts 3-4 months. This is one of its great benefits and is due to the keratin which penetrates into the hair, and repairs it, from the root to the tips.
  • You do not need to use the hair straightener regularly. You will avoid its regular use to have a smooth and shiny hair. You will only need a good brush or comb to stimulate the release of natural sebum into the hair.
  • It can be used on all types of hair, whether long, short, or curly hair

How to make the Brazilian keratin treatment, Step by Step

The treatment of Brazilian keratin hair straightening usually takes about three hours in its procedure. Step by step, this straightening treatment with keratin consists of:

  1. It starts by applying to the hair a special neutral shampoo, designed specifically to unlock the cuticle of the hair. Do not use conditioner after washing the hair.
  2. Afterward, the hair is dried very well, so that in a next step the hair is saturated by the application of liquid or cream with To do this, the hair is separated in small tufts, about two centimeters, to apply the keratin evenly and from the root to the tips, with a brush. Protects your hands with gloves. Use a comb to spread the smoothing cream better along the tuft of hair and let it act for about ten minutes.
  3. Rinse hair with warm water until no cream remains left.
  4. Apply a neutralizing cream with keratin to completely stop the straightening action, distributing it very well throughout the hair.
  5. Then we go to hair drying. For this, we smooth and comb the hair from the roots to the tips applying heat constantly to dry it very well and close. In this way, the cuticle of the hair will close. It is imperative to perform this drying operation from the hairline, that is, from the root, to leave at the end a uniform and perfect finish.
  6. After leaving the hair dry and smooth we would go to the step of straightening the hair. To do this, we would divide the hair in small tufts again and pass the straightener six to seven times for each tuft of hair to leave a completely smooth mane.

A correct technique of keratin straightening results in a smooth, hydrated hair (thus eliminating the open tips) and with a beautiful natural shine. The hair is taken care by keratin that gives it strength and elasticity. If you have damaged hair, the keratin treatment will make the hair again soft and shiny, since the keratin natural proteins help to repair it.

Keratin straightening aftercare

After the keratin hair straightening treatment, it is advisable not to wash the hair for the next three to four days, nor to treat the hair with products that have as component chloride or sodium sulfate, as they would considerably damage the hair and ruining the straightening.

After a keratin treatment session, you should consider these things:

  • Do not wash your hair for 72 hours, to ensure that the treatment is well absorbed by your hair. Avoid sports that make you sweat or areas that are too humid.
  • In the first few days, do not use a ponytail, just let the hair loose.
  • Do not apply gels or other hair-styling products. Use a keratin post-treatment shampoo, conditioner and serums, recommended by your hairdresser, or like the ones we will show you on this page. Both shampoo and conditioner should be free of sulfates and sodium.
  • Use specialized products for keratin treatment aftecare, such as those recommended by your trusted hairdresser or as recommended on this page. You can follow this link to know many of these products


Tips and opinions for keratin straightening

One advice that must be followed is that if we want a Brazilian keratin straightening, we must ask the professional to do so with the greatest seriousness regarding the chemicals that contain this type of straightening method, ensuring that at all times it will be applied using specific products (this is the treatment of keratin that smoothes on the basis of intense hydration), and that it will not use the typical lifelong straighteners that can seriously damage the health of our hair.

Straightening keratin formaldehyde free

To conclude and as point of caution, it must be said that some products for keratin straightening that are commercialized in the market contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, has classified it in its latest reports in Group 1 as a confirmed human carcinogen (nasopharyngeal cancer). It is hence advisable, as long as we wish to have a keratin hair straightening, to verify with the professional of your saloon the chemical formulation contained in each product of the keratin treatment that we will apply and exclude those with formaldehyde. You can ask them to show you the tube they are going to apply and read their composition to make sure.

Following these minimum preventive guidelines, we can only say that this technique of keratin hair straightening has become, over the years, those types of looks so fashionable for the beauty of today’s hair and women today.

Straightening keratin cost

The price of a keratin straightening treatment will be in relation to the length of the hair and the professional and beauty center that we attend. As a reference, we could say that the cost could range from 200 to 300 €. In addition, we must consider the duration of 3-4 months of this treatment to evaluate our investment in beauty.

While a hairdressing center always guarantees a professional result, there is a few keratin hair straightening kits to do it yourself at home that is much more economical and with fantastic results. In our online store, you can find different at-home keratin straightening kits for a price that ranges from € 15 to € 50. You can see them following this link and read the opinion about them.

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Where to buy keratin hair straightening products

You are writing us a lot asking for specific products to get a keratin straightening. We are hairstylists who have created the blog, but given the number of questions you have asked us about where to buy hair straightening products that work and have no formaldehyde, we have encouraged to set up an online store with pharmacy products dedicated exclusively to hair care, and with professional hairdressing products for saloon hair straightening. In the online shop of, you will find many products with keratin dedicated to hair straightening and several complete keratin hairs straightening kits. In addition, you can find aftercare straightening products, as well as protectors and moisturizers for the use of hair straighteners.

We have been encouraged to offer pharmacy and professional products because it gives us more guarantee and are usually of higher quality. Moreover, they are keratin products formaldehyde-free. These are the products that you will find in our online store. With them, you can smooth your hair at home permanently and with excellent results. We also have straightening products for professional hairdressing centers such as Japanese straightening or straightening with carbocystein, as well as complete kits for aftercare of smoothing in the professional center or at home.

If you dare to try them, these or other products of hair straightening, do not hesitate to share your experience and give us your opinion on the Brazilian keratin straightening.





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