Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening is a type of definitive smoothing of the most popular since the nineties, as its results are fantastic. Among its advantages is the time that remains japanese straighteningstraight, smooth and silky: several months, even a year in certain hair types. This makes its price really not very expensive because you do not need to go to the hairdresser for months to have a dreamy straight hair. It is what is called a definitive or permanent hair straightening.

In each wash, your hair will be easy to comb and you will forget dryers or hair straighteners. Many women have frizzy hair and they live in humid areas, making it very difficult to style. The Japanese hair straightening is a perfect solution in these situations, being perfectly styled for months with no effort.

Tips for Japanese hair straightening

A good time for a Japanese hair straightening is during the summer, because if you plan to go to the beach will prevent hair tangling on the beach or get damaged by salt sea water.

You should not try this treatment at home because it is very important that this is done by an experienced professional. It is a permanent hair and, like for a permanent of curly hair you go to a hairdresser, for permanent straightening you should too.

If you have dyed hair but healthy you can make a Japanese hair straightening without any problem although it is advisable to wait 2-4 weeks after dyeing your hair. If you have damaged hair, it is advisable that you do a repair pre-treatment. If your hair has had a bleaching, it is not advisable you use a Japanese straightening because your hair can not resist the smoothing treatment.

What is Japanese hair straightening?

The Japanese hair straightening is a treatment or hair technique belonging to the type of “permanent” because the end result in any type of hair, whether curly, wavy or frizzy, is a permanent naturally smoothed, where hair looks shining due the brightness and the perfect texture that the method gives.

This new technique of hair smoothing may also be known under the name “Yuko”. This is because its creator, Japanese fashion designer, Yuko Yamashita, which revolutionized the international market by creating this permanent Hair Straightening system. Her prestige was rising in 1996 and, today, besides being a renowned hair stylist has become a prestigious entrepreneur who moves between Tokyo, London and Los Angeles attending to numerous personalities from around the world.

It is important to clarify that when we talk about this new straightening system regarding the permanent straightening result it produces, we are not referring that hair becomes smooth for life. No, that is not the point. With this method, what we get it is that hair that has been treated won’t be wavy or curly again, but the root which follows its natural growth process itself will show the real nature of hair whether it curled, wavy, curly..


Hair types

This hair technique is very versatile because it allows its application to any type of hair, even those who have received dyes, color baths, highlights … all that is needed for your treatment is that the hair is healthy and in perfect condition to be smoothed.

If we want to make ourselves a Japanese straightening, first we must put ourselves in the hands of a serious and skilled professional who perfectly knows this process to avoid any further aggression in our hair.

Application Steps of Japanese hair straightening

The steps to follow in this type of smoothing consist previously, in make a study of the hair to recognize its state of health. This procedure is no more aggressive than any dye or another chemical that, day by day, apply in any hairdresser.

If hair has a healthy state, we would begin first, by applying a smoothing protective cream before treating it with components that it has and are products of Japanese origin, in which the basic compound of the Japanese straightening is none other than the thioglycolate Ammonium. On this product we must be emphasized, to avoid any malicious confusion against this smoothing technique that the ammonium thioglycolate has nothing to do with Ammonium acid, a highly toxic chemical.

The process is similar to a dye. Once applied the product, which partially dehydrogenated hair, the hair is washed, ironed, rinsed and dried. This procedure requires a specific time at each step, consequently, make a Japanese straightening correctly can take between three to five hours.

What price does Japanese hair straightening have?

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About its cost, you can find it in professional salons from 60 € and an average of 300 €. It would be an exaggeration to say these prices are expensive for several reasons, because if we work with original products of Japanese origin, its price is quite high and, second, the application time to do a good job requires, as we said above, several hours, from 3 to 6 hours, depending on hair type and amount. If we compare the products used, the estimated time to achieve high-quality results, where we should also have the hands of a professional expert and, above all, the durability of the smoothing that, well done, can last many months, even a year , its price can be even pretty acceptable.

Difference with keratin smoothing

On the other hand, another necessary point to clarify is, do not to confuse the Japanese straightening with keratin straightening. It is true that the keratin along with collagen is also major components for a Japanese straightening but the procedure is very different between them. Keratin smoothing is prepared to reconstruct and reduce the volume of the hair strand providing, at the same time shine. The result usually lasts about three months and is a technique of very easy application so it does not require any special training because of the simplicity of it. A fact that it’s totally impossible with the Japanese straightening that requires very specific guidelines, and adequate of skills and knowledge of the many factors that can change the final result of the smoothing.

Products for japanese straightening

Created by Yuko Yamashita

Today, many women around the world use this pioneering permanent smoothing system or Japanese straightening created by the world renowned Yuko Yamashita, to show off a perfect and radiant straight hair from root to tip.

As Yuko reaffirms, her effort, for so many years, has focused on getting all women with different hair types, the opportunity to show off a nice hair, soft and smooth, as each one of them always dreamed of, benefit from non-invasive products that could alter and damage the natural health of the hair.

Where to buy Japanese hair straightening

The Japanese hair straightening is not recommended to do it at home because of their complexity and needs to be done by professional hairdressers. You are writing a lot asking for particular products to make a smoothing. We are stylists who have created the blog, but given the number of questions of where to buy straightening hair products, we have encouraged to upload an online store with para-pharmacy and professionals products dedicated exclusively to hair care, including many products dedicated to hair straightening and several complete kits of Japanese here straightening and keratin smoothing


If you dare to try the Japanese hair straightening or another straightening method, feel free to share your experience with us. If you want to know more about the types of permanent or temporary straightening, at this website you will find a lot of information that will help you choose the best smoothing for you.

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