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Know the status of my order

Upon receipt of an order, the process that is initiated goes through several steps:
  1. Confirmation in your Email email indicating each product purchased.
  2. The order goes to the Pending Payment status. Depending on the method of payment chosen, the time will be different. If you have chosen to pay by Paypal or credit card, in just a few minutes we will receive payment. If the payment is by bank transfer you must wait until you make this management with your bank and a couple of days for the transfer arrives at our account. If you have chosen cash on delivery, this step is avoided.
  3. Once the payment is confirmed, the order goes to the state of Processing where all the products are prepared in stock and is replaced by the supplier those that are not in stock at that time. In the latter case, it usually does not take more than three days.
  4. The order passes to Completed Order when it is prepared for shipment and is delivered to the parcel agency. In this step you will receive an Email notifying you that the order has been completed with a purchase invoice.

We try to make this whole process as fast as possible so that you can receive it as soon as possible. Our management system advances each of these steps, without having to worry about anything.

If you have registered, you can access My Account, in the upper right area, and access all your information. Go to the orders section and you will be given a list of your orders and the status of each one of them.

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Shipping Tracking

At the moment of delivery of the package to the parcel service, Correos sends an SMS informing him of the delivery date. A tracking code is also provided in the SMS. If there is any problem with the information that Correos has given you do not hesitate to contact us. You can enter the shipping locator code in this postal address

If you have registered, you can access My Account, in the upper right area, and access all your information. Go to the orders section and select the order you are waiting for. There you can find the status of your order and the tracking number if it has already been sent by parcel. In addition, you have the option to give the Track button to access this information directly.

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Delivery of my order

  • Deliveries in Spain. The post office service makes standard deliveries throughout the day until approximately 19 hours. The package is delivered to the address indicated on the order, under signature. The service is associated with two attempts to deliver and then stay in the post office that corresponds to it, during 15 calendar days.
  •  Deliveries in countries of the European Union. The delivery will be done under signature at the address of the recipient.
  • Deliveries to countries of America. According to the standard postal regulations of each country.

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