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Satisfaction and Valuation Comments

Your opinion of the product you have purchased is the most important thing for us at It can also help other people to get to know you better and inform other people of the quality of the product you bought. With this purpose of service, at we promote the inclusion of your opinion about the product purchased and for this several days after receiving your order, we will send you an Email offering you a 5% discount bonus on your next purchase when making a Valuation in the tab of the product that you have purchased.

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Pack manipulated or with blow

We pack the products with great care so that the package arrives in perfect conditions. However, to our regret, a package may be damaged in transit. The transport company that we use is Correos, with great experience in sending packages without blows or manipulations, which is very strange that can happen to you. If in spite of all our efforts and the Correos has arrived the package with some damage or manipulation and the products may be affected, we will give solution immediately.

Please contact us indicating your Email and the purchase number and tell us what happened. Note that it is possible that the outer carton may have a blow, but the products inside are in perfect condition. This protection barrier is precisely the function of the package and will have done its job. Open it with care and check that its interior is fine. In the exceptional case that the interior products are damaged, it can be interesting if you take a photograph and send it to us by Email. In the event that there are no defects in the products, but it is a device that does not work as expected, in that case, the warranty procedures for the appliance are initiated.

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In the page on Conditions of Purchase, you have all the information about the return of packages. In them, as it can not be otherwise, it complies with the current legality and guarantees its full satisfaction and our rights against possible abuses. Basically, these steps are followed:

  • Access the withdrawal document. Please read it carefully to facilitate the entire process.
  • The article is returned, following the instructions that we will send you by Email.
  • Your item will be reviewed by our warehouse to verify that it complies with the return conditions described in the withdrawal document and the Purchase Conditions.
  • We will refund your money or exchange it for a new product if you prefer.

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